Fraternity Recruitment

Why Join Delta Chi?

It is always exciting for a student to make the decision to further their education by enrolling at a University and begin their college experience. The adaptation to college life is certainly one of the most enjoyable, gratifying, and challenging experiences a young adult can engage in. New routines are formed, new adventures are partaken, and new friends are made within the first few days of life on campus.

Delta Chi exists to enhance these events by offering one of the most complete fraternity experiences available at Valdosta State. Our fraternity was founded on the values of friendship, character, justice, and acquiring a sound education, and as such we look for exceptional men who desire to join us in pursuing these ideals. Our brothers are leaders across campus and serve on the Interfraternity Council and many other organizations including SGA. Delta Chi also has a great social scene that includes social events with sororities, fall and spring events, semi-formals and formals, and date nights. From brotherhood camping and kayaking trips to intramurals, you will find everything you are looking for in a fraternity.

If Delta Chi sounds like it might be a good fit for you, contact our Recruitment Chairman at or fill out the form on this page. We pride ourselves on southern hospitality, so feel free to stop by our house to introduce yourself and get to know what being a Brother in Delta Chi is all about!

The Recruitment Process

We're always looking for high caliber men to join our Brotherhood. There are two primary ways that men find their way into receiving a Bid to join Delta Chi.

1. Prior to the start of RUSH (Formal Recruitment) PNMs can get to know the Brothers through a variety of informal activities. Fraternity Brothers usually plan 2-3 trips each summer to the Braves games which PNMs are encouraged to join. There are also events at the fraternity house which PNMs are encouraged to attend so that relationships can be established. After getting to know a few of the Brothers, and fully understanding the qualifications to join, if mutual interest exists, a Snap-Bid may be extended and accepted. At that point, you'll be expected to help recruit other like-minded men to join your Associate Member class; growing the Chapter. Once RUSH is finished, all the Associate Members will be Pinned-In and the Education Program (pledge program) will begin.

2. Men going through RUSH will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from each fraternity and visit houses during open houses hosted during the first 2 nights of RUSH. Chapters will have the opportunity to select Rushees to invite back to their house for a third night to get to know one another better. The fourth night, Smoker Night, chapters will host a semi-formal event and afterwards again narrow down their list. The next day is BID DAY! Rushees will go to the Greek Life Office to find out which Chapters extended a Bid for them to join, and they'll select their top choice. Once you've signed your Bid Card, head over to the Delta Chi house to celebrate and learn who else will be in your Associate Member class!

Once the Bid Day celebration is over, typically the next day, you will be officially Pinned-In as an Associate Member in The Delta Chi Fraternity, and your new member education program will begin.

Associate Member Education Program

You will go through an 8-week Associate Member Education Program, before Initiation may commence. The program is designed to give you a foundational understanding of being a Brother, focused on the history, operations, and social etiquette of our Fraternity. Class Officers will be selected by your peers. You must have all of your dues paid and mid-term grades submitted, prior to initiation.