Local History

The Original West Brown Hall Cadets

In the fall quarter of 1966, the group of men in the above photograph, all living in West Brown Hall, comprised an intramural flag football team at Valdosta State College, finishing undefeated. The following quarter, in early January of 1967, the College was seeking to add a fourth fraternity. Delta Chi National Fraternity had been in contact with the college. A Delta Chi field representative contacted the quarterback of this team, Mike Conlan, about the possibility of this group forming a Colony of Delta Chi. Mike entered the room of Eddy Hanly and Ronny Gilliard, stating he had been approached about starting a fraternity and what did they think? After almost throwing him out of their room, they, and other "Cadets" actually began a serious discussion leading to a final and fateful meeting deciding, indeed, to begin a Colony! They met several times with the field representative, talked at length and in-depth among themselves, and finally, on January 31, 1967 made the momentous decision to start Delta Chi at Valdosta State. Receiving pledge pins and electing officers that night, they began an incredible journey. Their growth and success exploded after that meeting, culminating in the first initiation at the University of Florida on October 15, 1967, chartering of the Chapter, May 5, 1968, and in June of 1969, well less than only three years after their birth, formal recognition by the college as the most outstanding organization on campus. It was an amazing trek that all started with the West Brown Hall Cadets! That journey continues and is approaching fifty years. These men and ALL those initiated after them are my Brothers. ALWAYS - IN THE BOND!

[A letter] Presented to the Chapter - November 14, 2015

From Ronny Gilliard, Class of 1969

Founders Picture

Front Row - Left to Right

GLEN PHELPS (Founder), VERNON TWITTY (Founder), Non-Brother, BARRY BOWEN (Founder), CHARLES BROOKS (Founder)

Second Row - Left to Right

RONNY GILLIARD (Founder), RANDY ARTHUR (Founder), MIKE CONLAN (Founder), EDDY HANLY (Founder), Non-Brother, Non-Brother